a564: ITSA201205 P4 Group without direct leaders
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In X company, everyone, except the CEO, has a direct leader. There are n persons in the company and everyone has a unique ID from 0 to n-1. The ID of the CEO is 0, and the ID of any one is larger than the one of his/her direct leader. Besides everyone has a weight which is a positive integer. We want to find a group of weight as large as possible such that no one is the direct leader of any other in the group.
The input contains three lines. The first line is an integers n, 1<n<=90000, which indicates the number of persons in the company. The second line consists of n integers which are the weights of person 0,1,…, n-1, respectively. The total weight is no more than 100,000,000. In the third line, there are n-1 integers which are the ID of direct leaders of person 1, 2,…, n-1, respectively.
Output the maximum number of person we can group in one line.
Sample Input #1
10 20 30 40 50
0 1 1 3
Sample Output #1
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