f503. 1056 - Degrees of Separation
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有P個人 任兩個人可能有直接關係或沒關係或間接關係

In our increasingly interconnected world, it has been speculated that everyone on Earth is related to everyone else by no more than six degrees of separation. In this problem, you must write a program to find the maximum degree of separation for a network of people.
For any two people, the degree of separation is the minimum number of relationships that must be traversed to connect the two people. For a network, the maximum degree of separation is the largest degree of separation between any two people in the network. If there is a pair of people in the network who are not connected by a chain of relationships, the network is disconnected.
As shown below, a network can be described as a set of symmetric relationships each of which connects two people. A line represents a relationship between two people.


每筆的第一行有P(2 ≤ P ≤ 50)和R(R ≥ 1)分別代表有幾個人和幾種關係

The input consists of data sets that describe networks of people. For each data set, the first line has two integers: P (2 ≤ P ≤ 50), the number of people in the network, and R (R ≥ 1), the number of network relationships. Following that first line are R relationships. Each relationship consists of two strings that are names of people in the network who are related. Names are unique and contain no blank spaces. Because a person may be related to more than one other person, a name may appear multiple times in a data set.
The final test case is followed by a line containing two zeroes.


先輸出"Network N:"(不含雙引號),N代表第幾筆測資

For each network, display the network number followed by the maximum degree of separation. If the network is disconnected, display ‘DISCONNECTED’. Display a blank line after the output for each network. Use the format illustrated in the sample output.

Sample Input #1
4 4
Ashok Kiyoshi
Ursala Chun
Ursala Kiyoshi
Kiyoshi Chun
4 2
Ashok Chun
Ursala Kiyoshi
6 5
Bubba Cooter
Ashok Kiyoshi
Ursala Chun
Ursala Kiyoshi
Kiyoshi Chun
0 0
Sample Output #1
Network 1: 2


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